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The Olson Difference

We know that there are many dental laboratories you can choose from to provide for your patient’s dental needs and there are considerable amounts of pressure placed on your practice.  Here at Olson Dental Laboratory you have an advantage! 

Your advantages are Quality, Service, Experience, and Technology. 

Olson Dental Laboratory, Inc. was established in 1946 to serve Detroit, Michigan.  We started out as a laboratory specializing in ceramics.  As our market grew, we realized we had to provide more products and services to our doctors. Over the years, Olson Dental Laboratory became a trusted full service laboratory by answering the doctor’s needs.  To ensure that all the products were properly coordinated, Olson Dental Laboratory had to become an expert in both fixed and removable prosthetics, with ceramics, attachments, and implants as our specialties.  While still maintaining a strong local presence, we have been able to reach out across the country serving dentists and their patients.

Olson Dental has always stayed true to our core beliefs, yet not afraid to venture out and incorporate new technologies.   We are very active in the digital revolution!  By doing this, we can provide our dentists with a broad range of new technologies so you can focus on the patient’s every need, no matter what that might be. 

As we approach seven decades, Olson Dental has been fortunate to have some of the best technicians available that have been with us for many years.  This experience and wisdom only comes with time, so no matter what you are presented with, our goal is to completely satisfy your patients. 

Olson Dental is privileged to work with both the University of Michigan and University of Detroit Mercy dental schools.  The opportunity to work with the students is very rewarding.  We appreciate the ability to address the needs of our new dentists.

Finally, our culture always has been and always will be, to give our doctors the quality and service they deserve.  This means with confidence that you will receive great services and you will consistently deliver quality dental restorations.           

So if you have been with us for years, or just sent your first case, thank you for trusting Olson Dental Laboratory and giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Jeffrey Tolksdorf  CDT