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A Tradition Of Excellence

Many benchmark companies are disappearing, Since 1946, Olson Dental Laboratory has remained strong with our commitment to our dentists and their patients.  The dental industry is continuously changing and Olson Dental Laboratory is determined to stay focused and aggressive with new technology, learning from the past and always looking to the future.

     Our employees provide the attention to details that has earned them the respect as being both talented and caring. We are committed to those values.

     While Olson Dental Laboratory provides restorations that meet or often exceed the doctor’s and patient’s expectations, our real appeal is the doctor’s ability to discuss their cases with our senior technicians who work  with their patient’s prosthesis.

     So from a single crown to a full mouth restoration we look forward to being part of your dental team!

We're doing dental prostheses better.


 With seven decades of servicing our dentists, we have learned to these four core beliefs.  These beliefs have formed us into the company we are today.   

  • Quality- It is our number one objective, we stand behind our work.
  • Service- Offering customers expert-level help and information is one way for our business to differentiate our services from other labs. 
  • Experience- Olson Dental is fortunate to have some of the best technicians available, so from a single crown to a full mouth restoration, any situation presented can be managed.
  • Technology- We are very active in the digital revolution!  We can provide our dentists with a broad range of new technologies so you can focus on the patient's every need.

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