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Since we launched Evolution by Olson in 2005, we've seen amazing success and growth.  With all the changes in the dental insurances, we decided to offer a discounted outsource alternative.  Some of you gave feedback and ideas on how to continue to improve and make our Evolution line even better.

So, what are some of those changes?  For starters, some doctors have told us that they prefer to keep as much as possible in the USA.  So we reorganized Evolution by Olson to have ALL or Part of the work done here at Olson Dental Laboratory or outsourced locally, similar to what the automobile companies have done.  Other changes are the addition of some NEW and exciting products.

Please call us to discuss the Evolution by Olson product line.  We look forward to servicing your dental needs.

Any questions please contact Kevin 586.263.0900

Evolution Products

  • Full Cast Crown (Non-Precious White)
  • Full Cast Crown (Noble White)
  • Full Cast Crown (Noble Yellow)
  • Full Cast Crown (High Noble White)
  • Full Cast Crown (High Noble Yellow)
  • E.max Crown
  • Olson Zirconia - Porcelain to Zirconia
  • Full Zirconia Crown
  • Composite Crowns (Sinfony)
  • Porcelain to Non-Precious
  • Porcelain to Noble Metal
  • Porcelain to High Noble
  • Porcelain to Yellow High-Noble
  • Captek Crown
  • Porcelain Margins
  • Metal Occlusal
  • Cast Partial
  • Complete Cast Partial w/Teeth
  • TCS Flexible Partial
  • Complete Denture Per Arch
  • Hard Bite Splint
  • Hard/Soft Bite Splint